Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our app is completely undetectable by Instagram. To IG it appears that YOU are posting from your mobile phone as usual.

Yes! Secret IG App does not store your password. It is deleted from our records as soon as it’s encrypted into our secure app. Please note: If you change your password after connecting your account we will not be able to schedule your post for you. The password that is encrypted into our software must match the one you use to login to Instagram.

In the past apps have called themselves “Instagram post scheduling” when in fact all they do is send you a reminder to post to Instagram. Secret IG App is REAL Instagram post scheduling. Just select and schedule your post and it will automatically be posted from our app directly to your actual Instagram page. No more “remember to post” notifications.

No! Our cutting edge technology make your posts look like they’re coming directly from your mobile phone. Because of this, Instagram has absolutely no way of knowing that you’re scheduling your posts. Since IG doesn’t know you’re using a scheduler they’ll allow the organic reach of your post to be exactly the same as it would be if you posted from your mobile device.

Yes! Rather than having to stop what you’re doing each day so you can post to Instagram, you’ll be able to schedule high quality and engaging content as far in advance as you want. Since you won’t have to waste time each day deciding what to post, creating the post and then actually posting it, you can focus on “higher money making” activities like getting leads and making sales.

Yes! Daily posts that are done by hand, have a higher chance of being rushed, less engaging and less powerful. Carefully planning, creating and scheduling your posts in advance with Secret IG App will make sure that you only post thoughtful, amazing, and “scroll stopping” content that your followers will LOVE to like and comment on.

Yes! Scheduling your posts in ADVANCE will allow you to create a thoughtful and powerful content strategy rather than always scrambling to find something to post. Having a consistent flow of high quality and engaging content will undoubtedly get new visitors to your page to hit “follow” and keep your current followers from unfollowing you because they won’t want to miss what you’ll post next.

No, there is no limit to how much you can post. We do, however, ask that you use good judgement and “post responsibly”. If you spam your followers by posting 20 times a day they will unfollow you and Instagram will flag you for spam. When it comes to posting on Instagram, posting regularly is essential, but you always want to go for QUALITY of posts rather than quantity.

Yes. You can post videos up to 60 seconds.

Yes. Instagram stories are awesome (and very effective) but sometimes creating them can be inconvenient and time consuming. Secret IG App completely solves this problem. For example you could create 6 Instagram stories on a Sunday, then schedule one to go out each day that week from Monday to Saturday.

There are NO long-term contracts, however, you will be billed on a monthly recurring basis until you cancel your account. You can cancel at any time.

You can contact us 24/7/365 by emailing Support@SecretIGApp.com