About Us

About SecretIGApp

Powerful Instagram scheduling software designed Especially for People who want to “Postpone their posts, not their Lives”.

Who’s behind SecretIGApp?

We hired the best software developers that money can buy to build this App. We can’t take all the credit though. Secret IG App was created to solve the biggest problems that our community of 4 million people told us they face when posting to Instagram. We didn’t just dream up an App and decide that you needed it. You told us what you wanted, and we BUILT it!

So who’s behind Secret IG App? You.


What makes SecretIGApp different?

We’re the only Instagram scheduling app created by the owners and managers of Instagram pages with a combined 4 million followers. Being able to post automatically to Instagram will save you time, but it’s completely useless if it doesn’t get you the results you truly desire. We know all of the insider tips and tricks for generating 7-figure sales and 7-figure followings on Instagram. Secret IG App was designed not only to help you schedule your posts, but also implement the same content strategies we’ve used to make our pages and brands wildly successful.

How do I contact you?

We love our members! Feel free to contact us 24/7/365 at Support@SecretIGApp.com.

I want a job! Are you hiring?

At this time, we are NOT officially hiring. We are, however, always on the lookout for smart and talented individuals who aren’t afraid to work insanely hard and can help us amplify the success of our brands. If that’s you, email Support@SecretIGApp.com.